Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Job

So I got a new job yesterday. I will now be working in the Fitness/Sporting Goods department at Sears. I will probably keep working at AllSports, though only one night a week becasue I can make a lot more money from commission at Sears. This way, I can make more money and still keep my 30% discount at AllSports, although I don't know how long they will be around once the new Dick's is ready to open in October. Anyway, if you need some sporting goods or some fitness equipment, come see me at Sears starting next week. I don't know what their prices are like or anything but at least you will be helping me out by purchasing from them.

I Hate Hollywood

I am writing this post in red because it reflects my feelings right now. I just got back from seeing War of the Worlds, and I am absolutely fuming over what I just saw. Once again, Hollywood has managed to take something good and make it bad, something smart and make it dumb, something beautiful and make it ugly, something cool and make it totally lame. It is what I have come to expect the past few years. But I guess I should have seen this coming, after Peter Jackson decided that his version of The Lord of the Rings was better than Tolkien's.

Allow me to explain why I am so upset about Spielberg's theatrical adaptation of this book. He actually kept the movie close to the book for the most part of the film, up until the last 30 minutes. Then he decides that he needs to create his own ending, yet tries to somehow cram the actual book ending in along with, almost as if he is trying to appease both those who haven't read the book and those who have. The result a finale that ruins the entire movie.

This seems to be a common theme among movies today: directors take existing literature or film and try to change things to make them better. Why is it so hard to understand that what makes a book good is the material already in it, the authors creation, the way the story is told, etc. But for some reason, directors fear that they need to add to the plot to make it better. And I know what that reason is: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

That's right. It's all about money. We have to throw things into the plot so that we make everybody happy, so that we appeal to a wide range of audiences. Let me give you a couple examples of this. In the book War of the Worlds, the story is being told in 1st person by a man who is married, but is seperated from his wife for most of the book due to the events of the story. He is, for the most part, alone throughout the entire book. In this new film adaptation, however, Spielberg felt that it was necessary to turn the main character into a man who is divorced with two children, who accompany him throughout the story. And when one of his children is "killed" early in the movie, it is only inevitable that, in the end, the child never died at all, and that everybody is united in one happy ending. It makes me sick. That happens in EVERY story. Why did you have to add this crap into the movie? I'll tell you why. Because we have to appeal to EVERYONE, not just those who liked the book. We gotta get everyonw to spend money to go see this movie. Same goes for Lord of the Rings. I've got news for you: there was virtually no love story in the books, but it was a major part of the movies so that more women would go see them.

Frankly I am sick of Hollywood producers and directors taking good literature and turning it into crap. God forbid someone should make a movie adaptation that was true to the book 100% and make less money. I know Spielberg is doing all right financially. And it's not just fans of the book that will come to see the movie; others will come, too, I gaurantee it.

Unfortunatley, it is not just film adaptations that suck. Movies these days are terrible in general. It is bad that you go to the theater and are lucky to come out feeling that you got your money's worth. And with sky-high ticket prices these days, those occasions are few and far between. Hollywood has become so unoriginal it is unbelievable. Most movies nowadays seem to be remakes or based on a true story. What has happened to the creativity that once existed?

The problem is not just unoriginality, though. It is the fact that we live in a population that is stupid, and are therefore entertained by stupid ideas. I'm not talking about Dumb & Dumber or Napoleon Dynamite. Those films require little intelligence to watch, but they are entertaining. I'm talking about movies that are just pointless and have no redeeming quality. Example: I saw a preview tonight for a movie about a computer guided warplane that gets struck by lightning, which "rewires" the planes compute and cause it to start attacking civilians. And this is supposed to be entertainment? Give me a break. Yet the public will flock to see it because it has Jamie Foxx and Jessica Beil in it, and has some cool special effects.

As long as people keep going to see ignorant movies, Hollywood will keep churning them out as fast as they can. And they will keep raking in the billions of dollars that people spend to go see them. That is why I have decided to boycott Hollywood. As of now, I will no longer be paying to see movies, except in a few rare exceptions. I am sick of the feeling I get afterspending 6 bucks to see a movie that was awful. I've got better things to do.

So I guess there's only one way for me to sum this up...........

Here's what you did, Steven Spielberg. You took a good story, changed it, filmed it, and made it worse, thus upsetting a lot of people. That's what you did.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reasons Why Morris' Departure Will Help UK Basketball

In no particular order, a list of reasons why the loss of Randolph Morris will help UK basketball.

-One less ego for Tubby to deal with.
-One less freshman Tubby will have to spend time devloping.
-Hopefully, others considering early entry into the draft in the future (i.e. Rajon Rondo, Joe Crawford) will learn from Morris' (and Azibuike's) mistake.
-It will free up a scholarship, which should go to a very deserving Ravi Moss.
-Obviously he never really cared much about UK anyway. Not really an attitude we need.
-Hopefully, it will give Shagari more time to improve his game. Although I think that he is a lost cause and a waste of a scholarship, who knows what will happen? Remember, Nazr Mohammed was awful when he first came to UK, and now he has an NBA championship.
-John Wiley is happy because now Bobby Perry will be startng next year.

Coops Tells You What You Did

This new bit is inspired by a segment done by Jimmy Fallon on SNL's "Weekend Update" where Jimmy would make funny of people for doing not-so-smart things. Tonights episode will be brief, but I plan to continue it in the future.........

Here's what you did, Randolph Morris. You averaged 8 points and 4 rebounds in one year of college basketball. So you entered into the NBA draft cause you thought would get drafted in the first round, and you didn't even get drafted. That's what you did.

Here's what you did, church league softball players and fans. Your game got delayed due to an emminent lightning storm, so you moved from off the field the area right outside the field cause you thought you would be safer there. That's what you did.

Here's what you did, Clint. You came over to Steve's house to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals. About halfway through the 3rd quarter you make the comment "Oh yeah, this is game 7". That's what you did.

Monday, June 27, 2005

"Elizabethtown" Update

Well friends I got my first look at the movie I will be in, Elizabethtown, and I must say I was impressed. It looks pretty funny actually, and I think that it will be an enjoyable movie. I also found out the actual release date, which is October 14, 2005. Take a look at the trailer if you like at You can also see the "Internet First Look" that shows some random clips from the movie. When watching the trailer, keep an eye out for the scene where a bunch of people are standing on the steps of a building. That is the Versailles Courthouse, which is not a scene that I am in, but I saw the set there. Also, there is a scene with people running through a cemetery which I believe is the Versailles cemetery. If you go to "Internet First Look", you will see a brief clip of Orlando Bloom in his car looking out the window, smiling, and waving. I think this is the scene that I am in: he will be looking up at my family on the porch previous to this shot, I believe. At least that is how it was expliained to me by one of the assistant directors.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'm never walking through bushes again.....

Well it's been a while since my last real post, so I gues it's time I step up to the plate. And since I don't really have one specific topic to discuss, I think it's time for another edition of What I Know/What I Think. That's right kids. I got a lot of positive feedback on the last edition, so I have decided to continue it. Let's get it started, then......

What I Know: I have had poison ivy since walking through the bushes across the street at Jamie Griffin's going away party last Sunday.

What I Think: I have been miserable this week, trying to keep the stuff from spreading and all. I had forgotten how much of a hassle it is. Not to get all spiritual about it or anything, but I am sure there was no poison ivy in the Garden of Eden, and that, like thorns on a rose, it came about due to the fall of man. Stupid sin. I will never walk through a bush or shrubbery again.

What I Know: The Pistons are fighting for thier lives as I type these words.

What I Think: Regardless of tonight,s outcome, I believe we can all learn a valuable lesson from game 5: do NOT leave the inbounder open, ESPECIALLY if it is Robert "Big Shot Bob" Horry. As for my thoughts on whether the Pistons can take two from the Spurs at home, I would seriously doubt it. On the other hand, who would have thought that the Red Sox would win four straight against the Yankees, two of which were on the road, en route to the World Series?

What I Know: Danica Patrick is STILL on the SportsCenter and other sports shows on ESPN nearly a month after Indy, since which she has done nothing to prove that she is a great driver.

What I Think: Don't get me wrong. I think that Danica has got the right stuff to be a great F1 driver. However, if she weren't an attractive 23-year old woman, nobody would be talking about her anymore. All you have to do to see that attractive women steal the spotlight is to watch ESPN for an extended period of time. Some examples: Maria Sharapova is everyhwere, but the #1 player in the world, Lindsay Davenport (who many would say is less attractive) gets no attention. Anna Kournakova sucks at tennis, but you still hear about her. Jenny Finch of the USA softball team got all the attention at the Olympics last summer, while her more succesful teammate (whose name has slipped my mind at the momnet) went virtually unnoticed. And perhaps the best of all, I read that there is some girl on the UT womens basketball team who played all of 20 minutes the entire season, yet she was featured in all the NCAA Tournament commercials.

What I Know: Conan O'Brian takes over The Tonight Show from the retiring Jay Leno in 2009 (i believe this is the correct year).

What I Think: While I am ecstatic that Conan will be on at 11:30, I am disappointed that I will have to sacrafice Letterman in order to watch Conan. Apparently I am one of the few who find Letterman funny. Leno sucks, Conan is the future of late night comedy.

What I Know: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a noise? You betcha.

What I Think: If the Porter sofball team plays this Thursday night and no one is around to see it, do they still lose? You betcha.

What I Know: The highly anticipated War of the Worlds comes out next Wednesday.

What I Think: If Steven Spielberg stays true to the book, this will be an incredible movie. If not, I don't know what will happen. I think Tom Cruise is a good fit for the lead role. Whether the movie is good or not, go out and get this book. Other than this and Star Wars, I am not a Sci-fi fan, but I will tell you that this is a great read. It really shows the human race from a different perspective, comparing the invasion of the Martians on Earth and the ensuing daily human struggle just to survive to the daily struggle of many animal and insect species against human rule of Earth. It also shows how truly arrogant the human race is, to think that we actually have complete control over the Earth, something we did not create. One my favorite parts of the book compares the destruction of a village by a Martian fighting machine to the destruction of an ant hill by a young boy. Later, the writer goes on to say "This was never a war, it is an extinction of the human race". A fantastic book. And it's only less than 200 pages, so you could easily finish it before the movie comes out.

What I Know: I mentioned Tome Cruise earlier. Word is that he and the young lovely Katie Holmes are engaged after only 2 months of dating.

What I Think: I am not one of those people who keeps up with the Hollywood love scene. In fact, I could care less about it. But this is too bizarre to ignore for so many reasons:
1) They have only dated two months. In my opionion, it is virtually impossible to get to know someone that quickly.
2) She is 26, he is 42 or something, maybe older. I know that he is a favorite with ladies, but the guy is getting old, while she is in the prime of her life. She could have any guy she wants, and she chooses relatively old man. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
3) Have you ever seen them in public? It is disturbing. They are always all over each other and telling everyone theymeet how in love they are. Keep it to yourself, I say. America doesn't want to see it.
4) Finally, it has been reported that Katie has converted from Catholicism to Scientology. It is well known that Tom Cruise is a big Scientology guy. For her to convert so quickly is quite strange.

What I Know: Continuing the Tom Cruise theme, I forgot to mention that Cruise is the producer of Elizabethtown, the movie I am in.

What I Think: Rumor has it that the first trailer for Elizabethtown, can be seen before the War of the Worlds. It makes sense, since he is involved in it. Keep an eye out for it.

What I Know: Continuing the "actors named Tom" theme, Tom Hanks may very well be my favorite actor.

What I Think: The man just makes every movie he is in good. Just a few of his succesful projects (which just so happen to include some of my favorite movies): Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, A League of Their Own, The Road to Perdition, Big, Castaway, Toy Story, Apollo 13, The 'Burbs, and The Green Mile.

What I Know: Continuing the Hollywood theme (this is the last one, I promise), Dakota Fanning will be starring in War of the Worlds.

What I Think: This young 11-year old actress is unbelievable. She was nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild Award at age 8. If you have not seen her act, go rent Man on Fire or I Am Sam. She is a better actress than most in the movie biz these days, and that is not exaggeration. Expect big things from her in the future.

What I Know: David Stern and the NBA are proposing a 19-year old minimum age limit for eligibility in the NBA draft.

What I Think: While I am a big supporter of an age limit, 19 is simply not going to cut it. Many kids are 19 when they graduate high school. In my opinion, it needs to be 20 or even 21.

Well thats all for tonight. Time for me to go check on the Pistons/Spurs game if it is not already over. See what I am sacraficing to bring this fine literature to you all?

Monday, June 20, 2005

I Need Help

I want to start putting pictures on my blog, so if anyone out there poesses this particular skill or any general knowledge on how I can go about doing it, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

My many names

I was at work the other day, bored as usual, when I got to thinking "Man, I have had a lot of nicknames over the year". What have I been called, you say? Well I'm glad you asked!! Here are past names that I have been given by various people over the years, along with their origins......

-Wes: Simply a shortened form of my real name Wesley. I came up with that one all by myself when I was just a wee boy! I am a freakin genius.
-Wes Cooper, Pooper-Scooper: Started in elementary school, ended for the most part when middle school started. A few thought it would be funny to continue it through high school, but they aren't around anymore, becasue I killed them.
-Coopac: my personal favorite. One time at junior camp we all thought it would be cool to give ourselves rap names that coincided with real rappers. I came up with this one too. (Smitty, Justin, Troy, I know you remember this! I forget what you're names were thought, let me know)
-Westerfield: my fifth-grade teacher use to call me this. One of my favorites.
-Hangin' with Mr. Cooper: from the TV show, obviously.
-Wes(t) side: you can pronounce the "t" if you like. A neighbor gave me this one.
-Ricky Retardo: actually, this was given to another of my friends, but I thought Iwould mention it.
-Coop: origin unknown, my best guess would be Smitty, casue he is creative like that.
-Opie:the only one that really bothers me. It is a well known fact that if you have red hair, you will be called Opie at somepoint in your life. I look nothing like Opie, so do not call me that. Plus, my hair is strawberry blonde, not red.
-Opie Crisp:one time back in high school when making beatbox sounds was cool, I told Dave Campbell that his beats were not crisp like mine. Dave thought it was hilarious, and being one of those people that liked to call me Opie all the time, he simply added crisp to the end and voila!:Opie Crisp was born. (For the record, no one can handle my beats, so get off me)
-That Red-Headed boy: Thanks to Momma Eva (JT's mom for those who don't know) for this one. She could never remember my name, no "that red headed kid" sufficed.
-Pele: I think that one is obvious. ;) Ha!
-Tayshaun: I suck at basketball, so I don't know why people stared calling me that. Oh wait! It was Brandon Sok who started it, and he is a moron. (Just kidding Stick, I love you).
-Rick James: once again, totally fabricated.
-Irish Dream: seems to be a popular choice with the ladies
-Wes-a-lot: Sarah Millican made this one up, though I don't exactly know where she got it from. Another favorite name of mine.
-Snipes: frequently used by Mark Sok
-Coops: the newest name, it came from Dustin Coleman I think.

So there they are, the plethera of names that have been given to me over the years. If there are more that I have forgotten, please remind me and I will add them to the list for sure (no inapprpriate names please. You know who you are.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cool Site

I found this cool thing on Google the other day. Go to and then click on Satellite in the upper left hand corner. Basically you can find a satellite image of anywhere in the US. In some places, mostly large cities, you can zoom in really close. It is fun to play with, and will keep you entertained for a while when you are bored. Suggested locales: NYC, L.A., Cedar Point, the Rocky Mountains.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

CD Review: Coldplay's "X&Y", and The Foo Fighter's "In Your Honor"

I just bought the aforementioned CD's this afternoon, and after listening to both, I have decided to give a brief review of each.

In Your Honor: I had very high expectations for this CD after hearing it's first single Best Of You on the radio, and for the most part I was not dissapointed. This album is actually two CD's, the first of which contains heavier tracks, the second containing acoustic sets. Disc one is fantastic, especially the first 3 songs. A few of the tracks towards the end are a little weak, but overall it is a good listen. Any Foo fan will like this CD; it mixes a new sound with the classic Foo sound of the mid-90's. However, the second disc is not so good. In fact, it sucks. It's suckiness will not affect the album's rating. I give the album 4 stars (out of 5).

X&Y: When Coldplay first came about, I hated them. However, my tastes in music have changed over the years, and now I love a lot of music that I used to hate, and vice versa. Now they are one of my favorite bands. X&Y only reinforced my feelings about them. Of the 12 tracks on the album, there is maybe 1 that I don't like. That is rare for an album these days. Their sound has changed a little bit from A Rush Of Blood To The Head, mostly in the sound of the electric guitar. My friend Chris put it best: they sound more U2-ish, which I think works for them. Simply put, this album is treat to listen to from top to bottom. Rating: 5 stars.

NOTE: Since writing this post I have re-listened to the second disk of In Your Honor, and I have realized that I was too quick to judge it. It is actually not as bad as I first thought, especially the the latter tracks.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Cochise Dynasty

I would also like to say that the Cochise Dynasty (aka the Wes Cooper/Chris Smith fusball duo) has resumed its reign over all local LexVegas and parts of Louisville as well. All who dare to challenge it will surely suffer the fate of Dustin Coleman, Jason Lamb, Andy Henard, Travis Claypool, Nick Cooper, Bryce Cooper, Luke Vogt, the two guys at the UK tournament who tried to cheat us, a bunch of people from Louisville whose names I don't remember, and countless others: utter defeat. Don't bring that weak fusball action, lest you be thrown down in humiliation before your peers. Any battle-tested challengers are welcome, but we suggest that amateurs accept the fact that our reign of terror has begun and shall last until this earth has passed away. Bwahahahaaahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flirting Habits

So there is this girl at work who is pretty cute, and since most of the other employees are guys it is only natural that during work hours they flirt with her. Saturday I happened to be working with her and decided that, since I had nothing better to do, I would observe the other guys at AllSports try and hit on her. Really only two guys hit on her all day. But I noticed that he kept doing something that I see a lot of guys doing when they try to flirt: he kept giving the girl high fives. It makes no sense to me. For example, she tried on a hat or something and was asking how it looked, and he responded by giving her a high five. Why is this? My only theory is that guys minds are so limited as to what to say when it comes to the opposite sex that the high five is the best option. I mean, if he says "That hat looks good on you", she thinks he likes him or something. If he says "That hat looks bad on you", she thinks he doesn't like her. So.....the only possible answer that will not give away his feelings or give the wrong impression is the high five (for the record, when she asked me what I thought of the hat, I told her to get a Red Sox hat instead). I see this a lot at church, too, though I will not mention any names of course. As for myself, I am a fan of the low five. That way you don't look as stupid, and hopefully (if, of course, you don't like the girl) you will not give off that flirtatious vibe. Allthough, you can turn the low five into a "low five and hold", which can give a totally different impression. My friend Dave Blake prefers the basic handshake, which is pretty neutral too, I guess. As for the other guy at work who was flirting with her, he was pretty much one and done. He said "Is your shirt felt", to which she replied "No", to which he responded "Do you want it to be?", and then chuckled. She didn't get the joke at first, and he had to explain it to her, which made the whole ordeal a little painful to watch.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I hate ESPN

Since AllSports moved to their new location in the food court at Fayette Mall, and since we put TV's in the store, I have seen a lot of ESPN. And I mean a LOT. If I work in the morning, I see and hear 4, sometimes 5 SportCenters in a row. If it is on ESPNNews, I hear it up to 10 times in a row. Now some of you might be saying "Shut up, you spoiled brat. Why are you complaining about watching SportsCenter at work?" And a while ago, I would have asked myself the same thing. However, I would challenge you to sit down and watch 4 episodes of SportsCenter in a row, 3-4 times a week. See how fast it gets old. But its not even the repitition that irks me so much, it is what is on ESPN that bothers me. So, in no particualr order, here is why I hate ESPN......

1. TILT: a drama about poker. Enough said.
2. ESPN, much like 104.5 The Cat and HOT 102.5, will kill all good things with overexposure. Case and point: Danica Patrick. It has been two weeks since Indy, and yet they have to inform me what she ate for lunch today. Seriously ESPN, leave the girl alone, I'm sure she hates all of you by now.
3. When Linda Cohn says "For the love of elevation!", I seriously want to slap somebody.
4. If the Yankees...(insert any of the following): lose, win, have a 2 game losing streak, have a 1 game winning streak, trade someone, steal a base, insert a pinch runner, have a team picnic, get a team picture, get the dugout all dirty, have a sleepover, have practice, speak, move, break a sweat, get cramps, or will be the top story on SportsCenter. The Yankess are having a bad season, and yet they continue to analyze every game that they lose in detail. Yet the White Sox, Orioles, and Cardinals go ignored.
5. Digger Phelps: I cannot stress this enough. He picked Kentucky to lose EVERY game (including Vanderbilt) on College GameDay. The way he would lean on his desk, point his pen at the camera and say "Here's what I think......Kentucky doesn't blah blah blah blah," I would seriously knock that man off his hinges. I mean he picked Florida to get to the Final Four for crying out loud.
6. Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Phil Jackson, and the Lakers: Believe it or not, there is discussion at least 1 time a week about either Phil Jackson coming back to the Lakers, Kobe and Phil's relationship, Kobe and Shaq's relationship, and so on. Shaq even has his own show now. It's appaling. I'm guessing his TV career will be about as successful as his rap career. Kazaam!
7. I know I have mentioned this before, but the Pistons get no respect.
8. Now that there are no hockey highlights, instead of filling that extra time with, I don't know, SPORTS, instead we have to hear the stupidest stories I have ever heard. Last week: A story about a miniature golf course in the basement of a funeral home.
9. ESPN reporters in general. I think that they just make stuff up. Example: Larry Brown has no intention of going to the Cavaliers, which has repeatedly said. And yet "sources" have reported that he has taken the job.
10. If ESPN and Billy Packer had a child, it's name would be Duke Basketball.
11. Barry Bonds. The man is arrogant and fiery enough to begin with, so why do reporters provoke him? I'll tell you why: TV ratings, And $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. It will not be long before you see this story on SportsCenter "Barry Bonds cracks ESPN reporters head open with bat", followed by "A-Rod, Jeter switch from boxers to briefs by order of Steinbrenner".
12. Most of you probably don't care, but the US soccer team, along with dozens of other teams, are qualifying for the 2006 World Cup, and yet there are....let's see, let me count.....0 highlights of the games. It's not like it's the biggest sporting event in the world or anything. And I might mention that the US team this year has a legitimate shot at winning the whole thing for the first time in history. Here's a thought: why not replace those useless stories with some highlights from other sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, or college baseball?
13. Rivalry Week. UK and Florida were not basketball rivals untill ESPN made them so.
14. This is what, like Mike Tyson's 5th comeback? We all know what is gonna happen, so don't make a newsday out of it. And stop showing him in his briefs, it creeps me out.
15. The lady who says "Around the Horn is brought to you by.....". It is quit possibly the most annoying voice I have ever heard.

Those are a few things about ESPN that bother me. I'm sure there are more that have slipped my mind, but I am tired, and I have to get up and go to work tomorrow morning and watch SportsCenter.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Hostility Issue

Josh, I just saw your comment. Those comments I made about hostility were NOT directed at you: they were referring to a few of the people involved in the great "highest form of worship" deabte. I did read your post and I admit I took a little offense but I am still your friend. I understand that you gotta vent, and a blog is a good place to do it. I think you misunderstood my commment. Upon looking at the type of movies you liked in your profile (such as Donnie Darko) and other movies you have told me you liked, I simply assumed that you were a fan of darker movies such as Episode III. That is why I made that comment. Anyway, no hard feelings bro. As many of my other friends know, I am not quick to anger. You will have to do a lot more than that if you really want to piss me off (I suggest doing something stupid in your car like cutting me off, or being ignorant at a 4-way stop. Those things really get me going.)

How O.P. Crisp Got His Groove Back

Basically, I decided a while back to name my car "Groove". And I got it back from the shop today after nearly 2 weeks, which makes me very happy. So that's how I got my Groove back. I went down to the auto shop and picked it up. By the way, lots of people who have ridden in the Groove have left their crap in it. So here is what I am going to do. If you do not claim it in two days after you leave it there, I am going to throw it down the nearest sewage drain. Also, I am thinking of renaming this blog to Site 41, for those of you who know what that means. PMBC softballers, let's get ready for a big game tonight. As always, I want to see some Webgems.

What I Know/Think

Well I returned home from Honey Island, SC yesterday, and upon checking all the blogs I peruse from day to day, I saw that there was an unusual amount of activity in my absence. Unfortunatley, much of this activity appeared to be hostile and negative. I will try to avoid hostility and negativity, because I am a nice guy like that, and I don't want to lose a friend over some petty arguement. At any rate, I had a new idea for my blog today. Many of you may know Mark Story; he is a sportswriter for the Lexington Herald-Leader. I love his articles, his style, his sense of humor, and I respect him greatly becasue I think he represents what a true sportswriter should be. That's why I'm going to steal one of his ideas. It's a little column he does periodically where he states a fact (What he knows) and then gives his opinion (What he thinks). So since I have a variety of topics on my brain, it will provide a perfect medium for me to hopefully instigate some discussion. Here goes......

What I Know: Randolph Morris has entered the NBA draft without an agent, but has not contacted his coach or fellow teammates since then.

What I Think: Randolph Morris has no intention of returning to Kentucky, so fans should not get their hopes up and brace themselves for either a small lineup or the painful-to-watch play of Alleyne and Orbzut.

What I Know: Dave Blake is a swell guy.

What I Think: Dave Blake should move back to LexVegas so we can hang out more.

What I Know: The Detroit Pistons get no respect.

What I Think: The Detroit Pistons will win the NBA championship again this year. How many games where they are picked to lose do they have to win to get a little respect? There is one wrtiter on that picked San Antonio to win the same day that the Pistons ousted the Heat. At least analyze the matchups a little before you make your pick.

What I Know: My car has been in the shop for a week and a half and it is still not fixed.

What I Think: I think that I am pretty pissed off about that.

What I Know: There has been a big debate over whether preaching is the highest form of worship.

What I Think: Many of you know where I stand on this issue, and I will not discuss it, becasue this is not the place. However, I had this thought today: If preaching ( i.e. the actual sermon) is the highest form of worship, then why do we bother singing, tithing, witnessing, living/dying for Christ? Why don't we all just by every sermon in history on tape and listen to it all day and night? Why give God an inferior form of worship? Doesn'y he deserve the best 24/7?

What I Know: Kelly Clarkson and I were meant to be.

What I Think: Kelly needs to realize that the only way that she will truly be happy in life is if she marries me.

What I Know: There is a difference between wisdom and knowledge.

What I Think: There are an awful lot of people filling there heads with knowledge (both Biblical and secular), and yet they are none the wiser. At least their lives don't show it.

What I Know: Soccer is the fastest growing youth sport in America.

What I Think: Soccer will be big in the U.S. within the next 10 years, so get read for it. It is the most popular sport in the world, anyway. The rest of the world loves soccer not because of the high scoring but because if the beauty of the game. Besides, isn't a baseball game where the score is 2-1 the best? Or a 14-7 football game? It's all about the drama, people.

What I Know: Site 41 is better than Site 63.

What I Think: We should never leave Troy unattended like that ever again. Had he been under watchful eye by either Dave or myself, he would not have gotten the tent out prematurely and started nailing it into the ground. (For those who did not go to South Carolina, sorry. It's a Hunting Island 2005 thing, you wouldn't understand.)