Monday, December 11, 2006

On Returning

I'm back again. I miss my blog, I must confess. My desire to blog vanished for a time, but it has suddenly and unexplainable returned. Let's talk.

-This is my last week of finals as I am graduating this week. That makes me happy. The biggest lesson I learned in my last semester: I hate philosophy, it is utterly useless. More useless than borophyll.

-Hooray Chrismas. Hooray for the Coca-Cola Santa Clause. Hooray for The Polar Express. Hooray for Christmas Snack Cakes by Little Debby. Hooray for decorations. Hooray for Charlie Brown. Hooray for "You serious, Clark?". Hooray for incense and myrrh. Hooray for a manger.

-My Christmas Wishlist:
  1. A Blue-Chip power forward for UK.
  2. If Wish #1 is not possible, then I want a new basketball coach.
  3. A bowl victroy over Clemson.
  4. For Andy to stop being a liar.
  5. A new electric razor that will actually make by face smooth.
  6. For The Polar Express to come pick me up on Christmas Eve and take me to the North Pole.
  7. A new job.
  8. Blogosphere peace.
  9. Immunity to colds. the flu, etc.
  10. For Stabler and Benson to get together.
  11. My two front teeth.

-I'm currently listening to Yahoo! Launchcast where you customize your own radio station. When it asked me what my favorite artists were I put things like Weezer, Led Zeppeilin, and Miles Davis. What plays when the radio comes on? GWEN STEFANI. HERE'S WHAT YOU DID YAHOO! LAUNCHCAST: I asked for you to play the music that I liked. So you played Gwen Stefani. That's what you did.

-Good luck on finals everyone. Save the cheerleader, save the world.