Monday, December 26, 2005

No Title

I know, I know.....I haven't posted in a long time. My apologies. I have been very busy the past couple of weeks and have hardly been home long enough to do much of anything but sleep. You would think with school being out I would have more time for these things. Well, it turns out that's not the case. It seems that other activities have taken up my time where school was.

I don't really have anything to talk about tonight. I have a lot on my mind, but nothing that can be discussed here. The past few weeks have been really good, mostly do to school being out, hanging out with friends (something I didn't have as much time for during the school year). Old friends have been in town for the holidays, which has been nice. And of course work is lame, but at least I am making money.

I hope to have my "Life Soundtrack" completed by New Year's. I will share that when it is finished. I thought I might do a year review, but I have decided to leave that to everyone else.

It's funny, I am listening to the radio and "Under Pressure" is on right now. Well, that is how I have been feeling lately.

I would like to tell you to expect more posts soon, but I don't know if that will happen. Bear with me.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weekly Wind-Down

What a great week it has been!!!!! I mean, has there been a better week???? I would say there are very few, my friends. On a scale of "very weak-very strong", I give this week a strong to very strong, for several reasons:

-School is over.
-Cats run all over Cards.
-Morris is told he can return this season.
-Quality time spent with quality friends.
-Law & Order: SVU marathon Sunday from 12pm-12am (over the entire weekend, I watched a total of 9 episodes)

Other interesting items:

-The Stephens family Christmas was on Friday. For those who don't know, that's my Mom's side of the family. Well, it just so happens that there is new addition to the family this year. My cousin had a baby. And she named him Wesley. Now, as honored as I am that they named their firstborn after me, it was tough for me to be in the same room as a person who had my name. Wesly is not the most common name, so I have never had to deal with what the "John's" and the "Steve's" of the world have to deal with. So here's what would happen frequently that evening. Someone would say "Wesley, you are so cute." I would say "Thanks", then reailize they weren't talking to me. Or another would say "Wesley, you have such a nice head of hair!" and I would say "Thanks!", then again, realize they weren't talking to me. One time someone said "Wesley, do you want a cookie?" and I thought "Yes, yes I do want a cookie". But I never got that cookie.

-I worked a lot this week. And with that work comes the fact that I have to deal with a lot of stupidity. I haven't done this in a while, but I think it is good that I do. Time for me to complain about work. Here are the things NOT to say to me while I am at work:

-"Can you tell me what you do have in a size 6 in the back?"

-Me: "The smallest size I have left in this shoe is a 9,"
Customer: "So, do you have a 7?"

-"Can you help me get my shoe off?"

-"Can you help me put this shoe on?"

-"Do you all have those shoes that Oprah had on her show yesterday?"

-"There are no cash registers upstairs? You mean I have to carry this shirt all the way downstairs to pay?"

-Person of The Week: Connor Sears. Hats off to Connor for letting us all use his UK meal card.

-Co-Person of the Week: Matt Woodyard. For ordering the "Troy Woodyard Marriage '07" bracelets. Let the madness begin, ladies.

-New season of Scrubs begins Tuesday Jan. 3. If you are a fan, or would like to become a fan, please notify me or Chris. We welcome any Scrubs patronage on Tuesday nights.

Let's make this next week an even better one. And remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Can Be Happy About UK Basketball Again

A quick post must be made this evening. As you have probably heard by now, Randolph Morris will now be allowed to play as of Jan. 10. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. OK, maybe I can tell you: I am extremely excited about it. My hopes for this season were slowly swirling down the drain until this afternoon, when suddenly that drain got plugged up and shot my hopes right back to me. Morris won't fix all the problems, but he will fix a lot. I look for UK to come out against the 'Ville with a new outlook and a new sense of passion and pride.

One another thing: there have been way too many UK fans saying how Morris' suspension should not be reduced, that they don't want him back, and that UK got a big break. To that I say : WHO CARES!!!!! It's about time UK got a break. My theory is, if Coach K can do his American Express commercials that he insists aren't helping is recruiting (that's a load of crap and he knows it, but I will save that for another post), then I will take all the breaks I can get. Some people are saying that he doesn't deserve to come back so soon. And you're right, he probably doesn't. But you know what? I couldn't care less if he deserves to come back: I want a national championship. And at any cost as long as it is moral and legal. And for those who say they don't want him back I say this: did you even watch the game last Saturday? It speaks for it's self. We need Morris: what he did was shady, but he deserves a second chance just like anyone else would want.

That's all folks. Goodnight and God bless.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bill Meck: Weather Wonderman or Demon of Destruction?

Some 'tween-final notes:

-My last final is in about 3 hours. I had one at 8 this morning also. Let me tell you why 8 am finals are no darn good: it is way too early to be recalling important information. But I think I did OK on my exam anyway.

-Remember in my last post when I said Tubby needs to not "shove a peg into a hole in which it doesn't fit?" I was real proud of that analogy. Well, yesterday I go to only to find that someone there had stolen my analogy, calling UK's dilemma a "square peg vs. round hole". Needless to say, I am upset.

-Speaking of those square pegs and round holes, there was an interesting article in the Herald-Leader today about how uncomfortable Rajon Rondo was in Tubby's offense right now. His old high school coach says that he (Rondo) feels Tubby is kind of holding Rondo back by not playing a more up-tempo style, thus throwing to waste many of Rondo's talents and abilities. Rondo was under the impression that UK would be playing a faster style game this season after a conversation with Tubby this summer. But that only lasted for 2 games or so.

I totally agree on this point: Rondo is the best player on your team. You must, MUST play toward his strengths this year. Last year, you had Morris down low to draw defenders and create open looks. This year, you have no big man, but you have Rondo who can create and drive, thus drawing defenders and creating open looks.

-Total predicted snowfall for the past two weeks in Lexington: approx. 13 inches.
Actual total snowfall the past two weeks in Lexington: approx 3/4 inch.

This only proves my theory that meteorology is a bunch of hooey.

-Speaking of meteorology, Bernadette Maddox, WLEX-18 weathergirl has accepted a position at a TV station in Baltimore. Why does this matter, you ask? I'll tell you why: Bill Meck now has total and absolute control over the MaxTrack Doppler Radar. Sure, Meck has been chief meteorlogist for quite some time now. But Bernadette always kept his power in check. But now Bill has no one holding him back, and at last he shall establish his reign of terror upon our city via the MaxTrack. Disguised as a "radar", it is secretly an instrument of destruction. Buildings will crumble. Fires will rage unchecked all over the city. And all the while Bill Meck will sit upon his throne, cackling with glee, for he knows that once the MaxTrack, the true MaxTrack, has descended upon the earth, no one can withstand it's power.

-Aaron Carter is doing a commercial for Wal-Mart (I think it is Wal-Mart, could be Target). Either way, HERE'S WHAT YOU DID AARON CARTER: You used to be a teenage pop sensation. But you're not, and you're career fell apart. So now you did a Wal-Mart commercial. That's what you did.

-I am excited: new episodes of Scrubs start on Jan. 3. Let the Tuesday night festivities begin recommence.

-If you want my opinion on the subject of canceling church on Christmas Sunday, see Rachel Russel's comment on Justin's blog.

-RIP Water's Edge. We shared some fond memories. But alas, can no longer throw up the "W" in support and adoration. However, I still stick with my guns in saying that, if Troy had only had a little more personality on stage, they could have gone world-wide. If only you had worn that cowboy hat, or the Wu-Tang Clan shirt. If only you had jumped off the 15 foot speaker stack a few times. If only you had smashed a few guitars. If only you would have let your hair grow out. If only you had ripped your white T-shirt off at a few shows. I guess the "if-onlys" are all we will ever have.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What's going on?

Question: What comes to mind when you think of Kentucky basketball?

There are many thoughts that come to my mind when asking myself this question. Some of my answers:

-Always being in the game, no matter who we are playing

These are just a few things that can be associated with UK basketball. But that was not the case today as our beloved Cats took on rival Indiana in Indianapolis, IN today. Here's what I saw instead:

-Lack of pride. I sometimes wonder if many players (and not just UK players) even care about who they play for. Are college teams no more than stepping stones anymore? Does the name on your jersey even matter anymore? It didn't look like it today.

-Lack of heart. This goes along with pride. It has become evident to me that this team has no pulse. No enthusiasm, no excitement, no drive to win.

-Lack of fundamentals. Honestly, a few players out on the court for UK today looked like they had never played basketball before in their life. No execution. No smoothness on offense. No defense.

-Not being in the game. Let's be honest, as soon as Indiana took the lead, we were out of this game. If there is one thing I can say about UK it is that no matter who we play, we will always be in the game. Not the case today. And against a good, but not that great team too. And they were missing DJ White, their best player other than Killingsworth. Losing by 26 point is just unacceptable.

-Toughness. This team has yet to prove that they are anything but soft. Out big men get tossed around like ragdolls. We are unbelievably easily intimidated by the opposing defense. We get beat to the ball a few times and we hang our heads insteadof sucking it up and getting tough.

What I saw today was not UK basketball. It was an imposter dressed in blue and white with Kentucky stitched across it's chest. And I don't like this team that continues to play like an average college squad at best.

I am not giving up on this squad. I recall in December 2002 when UK lost by 20 to Louisville, then turned around and won 26 straight. Of course, that was a different team with different personelle. I still think this can be a top 10 team. But not of they continue to play like they don't give a rip about the outcome.

Tubby has a lot of work ahead of him. The players have a lot of work ahead of them. Most importantly, someone has to step up and take charge of this team and claim it as their own. Last year, it was Chuck Hayes. This year, no one has taken on that role as of yet. But whomever that person is, they better do it quick or it is gonna be a long season.

Of course, many struggles can be blamed on the lack of an inside game. But lack of an inside game doesn't cause you to lose by 26 points. The problems run deeper. It seems to me like this team has strengths that they are not using to their advantage. We are fast, but we never press. We have one of the best point gaurds in the nation, but he never takes it to the rim until the outcome has already been decided. We have good shooters but we don't set screens to get them good looks at the basket.

I hate to blame Tubby, but I think he has dropped the ball a little this year. I am guessing Tubby has called of the press becasue we gave up quite a few transition points early on. I don't agree with that. I also have the feeling Tubby told Rondo to cut back on looking to take it to the rim. I don't agree with that either. These are our strengths, and we are not using them.

I think Tubby is going to have to step out of his comfort zone a little this year. His style is gonna have to change a little bit because I just don't think he has the big men to play his usual style. I'm not saying throw his philosophy out the window. I'm just saying that when the peg doesn't fit in the hole, don't keep trying to shove it in; it's not gonna fit. You gotta make some adjustments to make it fit. I think that will be the key to UK's success this year: play towards our strengths. If we don't do that, then I'm afraid it's going to be a long, rough ride, my friends.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

PC: Politically Comprimising

The blog, it calls to me when I least expect it....alas, I cannot resist the temptation to write and share with the world. I confess, I am defenseless against it's lure. And so now, on the eve of what appears to be a decent snowstorm (although I have my doubts), I spill my mind:

-Every day I drive from Adena Trace in Wofo County, along the bypass to the BG Parkway, then to Versailles road and on into town. Every day I pass hundreds of different cars. And every day I pass thehouses, same buildings, same landmarks. But there is one particular piece of scenery that sticks out like a sore thumb among the rest of modern civilization. Yes, that sight that I speak of is the infamous "Castle of Versailles", or as it should be known, the castle Versailles Road. I remember as a young lad when I would every once in a while get to catch a glimpse of that famous landmark from the safety of the backseat of my car. My friends and I always talked about how it would be fun to have a birthday party there sometime, where we could play hide-and-go-seek all night long or pretend to siege the castle. But it was all talk, and our dreans were never realized. The castle remained a mystery to all; no one ever went in, and no one ever came out. I guess over the years the novelty and mystique that surrounded the Castle has faded away as I have grown older. You see it so many times and it gets old.

Well that changed today. I was driving to school today, and as I passed by, I thought to myself "There's a friggin castle in the middle of Kentucky. Right across from a Super America. How rediculous is that?". I mean seriously, we literally have a castle off the side of a highway. It's pretty stupid when you think about it. But I guess that's what makes this place unique.

-I love Christmas, but with every passing year it is rediculous how politically correct schools, businesses, and people in general are trying to be about the whole "Holiday Season." Let me give you an example: I was listening to the radio the other day, when a commercial came on for the Kentucky Lottery. They were doing their own version of The 12 Days of Christmas, which is all fine and dandy, except that instead of saying "On the first day of Christmas....." they said "On the first day of the season......". I must confess, I was a little upset when I heard this. I don't have too much of a problem with businesses advertising "Holiday Sales" or people saying "Happy Holidays": I think it is stupid, but I tolerate it. But when you change the words of Christmas carol, that is crossing the line. What's next? O Holiday Evergreen? White Holiday? The Agnostic Overweight Man Dressed In A Red Suit Who Gives Out Presents Is Coming To Town?

-Apparently, there are a lot of good vibes around campus involving the possible reinstatement of Randolph Morris.

-Anybody remember that song Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys?

-I learned tonight that Porter College has been invited to join Highview College on a ski trip next month. Will I go? Maybe. I have never skiied (sp?) in my life; sliding down a snow/ice covered mountain on a couple pieces of fiberglass does not sound that appealing to me. I envision myslef pulling a Sunny Bono and slamming into a tree at 45 mph. Personally, I think I would opt for the snowboard over the tradtional skis, even though many have told me it is more difficult. To that I say, they are both difficult to someone who has never done either of them. Plus, snowboards are just cooler than skis. But we will will at least be fun to hang out.

-In concluding tonight's post, I must return to my first point about the Versailles Castle. Here is my thought: the ladies who live down on Kaslte Rd. like to call their house "The Kaslte" right? And I, as you all probably know by now, am vehemently opposed to this. But hear this.....what if they moved to the castle on Versialles Road? Then you could really call you house "The Castle." Cause it would actually be a castle and not a "Kastle". It's a win-win situation for everyone: more room for everybody, you get to live in a castle, and I will gladly call your humble abode "The Castle". It just makes sense.

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Weekly Review Goes Gangsta

That's right fambly, it's time for the weekly flashback. Gotta keep it fresh for the people. It's been an interesting week for a plethora of reasons, many of which I won't discuss this evening. Now I could do the usual thing and discuss UK basketball, or other sports, or tell you something funny that happened to me this week. In fact I may still do that. But I have found that the key to a successful blogg (that's no typo....that's "gansta" for blog.) is format. You can lose your audience just from the first impression they recieve when they pull up your page. You gotta mix it up. So tonight, instead of the usual format, I thought we might try something new...........(cue the rap music with a killer baseline (or at least imagine it)).

Tonight's formats is not so much an award show as it is a recognition ceremony. Yes, tonight we recognize the events, peoples, goings-on, news items, and other such things that stood out over the week. Forget the Oscars. Forget the Grammys. Forget the Tonys. Tonight, we award the real winners. Tonight is the first ever edition of the "Yeeeeeeaaaahh Booooooyyyyyy!!!!!" awards. There is no more greater honor than to recieve a "Yeeeeeeeaaahhhhh Boooooooyyyyyy!!!!. Or, for brevity's sake, a YB. Tonight's winners:

-Christmas Lights. Chris and I seem to have quite the touch when it comes to putting Christmas lights on houses. In fact, I would like to introduce to you the name of our new exterior illumination service: Two Men and a Ladder. Need lights put up? Call the pros! We'll take care of you.

-UNC basketball. You proved that youth doesn't matter as much as people say. Congrats on your victory, you wanted it more.

-Ravi Moss. Not only do you deserve a scholarship, but you deserve a big YB as well. You scored 17 points in a loss to UNC. The only other player to score more was your All-American point gaurd, who got most of his points in the last minute when UNC backed off and let him have the points. The sad part: you are a walk-on. Kudos to you, shame on the scholarship players.

-Lucy Burgin. For beating the crap out of me. I always like to give her a hard time about all the free stuff she gets from UK. And tonight she got me back. I'm glad we resolved our issues.

-PSY 313. I dominated that class so much that the professor said I don't need to take the final.

-Detective Stabler. You flipped a table, threw a dude against a van, and threw another guy against a wall in Wednesday's rerun of Law and Order: SVU.

-Hagan York. For his newest wrestling move: The Bill of Rights. I can't wait to see it.

-Code-Dawg's massive truck. I have never felt more powerful than after I had ridden in that monstrosity.

-Feliz Navidad performed by Jose Fellancio. This is the best Chrismas song ever. You can't help but move to the beat.

-Wes and Chris' Christmas Carol Dance Mix 2005. Looking for that perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season? Look no further than this album. Just imagine all your holiday favorites........Mary Did You Know?, O Christmas Tree, White Christmas, Little Drummer Boy. Now imagine them remixed with hot new dance beats and effects.

-Indoor Soccer '06. Get ready, this is the year we take the title and win the free T-Shirts. Possible names for this years squad: The Disciplinators, RCU, Team Flava.

-Andy Henard's Christmas Present. Oh man, I am so excited about this. It is the best idea ever. You just wait Henard, you just wait. This one in gonna be good, ny friend.